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Aug 15

The Mystery of Ireland's Vanishing Triangle



Ireland Vanishing Triangle

The Mystery of Ireland's Vanishing triangle begins in 1993, 26-year old, Annie McCarrick, a Long Island New York native had been living in Dublin, Ireland for some time. On March 26, she was expecting friends over for dinner the next night. She was seen buying groceries, heading to the bank and post office and by 9:00 PM, a doorman reported seeing her at a popular pub in the area. The next day, when she didn’t show up to collect her pay check or for the arranged dinner with friends, she was reported missing. Her family flew to Ireland to find her but left six months later with no clues as to where she had gone or what had happened to her.


Months later on July 25th, 1993, 39-year-old Eva Brennan was the next person to go missing! She disappeared in the foothills near the Dublin Mountains. Eva had been on her way home from her parent’s house, heading towards her own apartment. This case did generate controversy as it seemed to be treat differently to the Annie McCarrick case and it took months for the police to even take it seriously enough for them to collect finger prints!


A third disappearance took place when Imelda Keenan, 22, went missing on January 3, 1994. This was then followed by the disappearance of Josephine Dollard who was last seen hitch hiking in the area in November 1995. Several more disappearances happened in the area including a pregnant woman called Fiona Pender in 1996! In the case of Fiona was simply stepped out of her apartment for a brief time and was never seen again!


Another strange disappearance was that of Ciara Breen, a 17-year-old who mysteriously vanished whilst in her bedroom! Ciara had reason too run away and was never found thereafter. Two more women were known to vanish without a trace after Ciara.

Because all these cases took place in the same area the case has been giving the name of Irelands Vanishing Triangle! Some believe that all the cases are related and it’s the work of a local serial killer. Even to this day no one knows for sure what happened to all those women that just seemingly vanished in what has been dubbed as Irelands Vanishing Triangle!


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