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Here you can share Creepypastas and stories.

Oct 23

The Halloween Mask Written by Craig Groshek and Blair Daniels Ding! I jolted awake. My phone lit up on the nightstand. It showed one new notification: Motion detected at your doorstep. 3:17 AM. My h
Sep 5

"Dead Boats" Written by Jeff Hartin I worked a shrimp boat called the Melissa on the gulf. Hot, sweaty work but all the shrimp you can eat, so there’s that. Captain Mike was my boss, a wizened old
Sep 4

"I Was Imprisoned For 24 Hours Inside a Dollhouse Escape Room" Written by Blair Daniels Yesterday, I found myself in a dollhouse-themed escape room. We booked it at EXXXTREME ESCAPES for our friend
Aug 22

"My Daughter is Dying" Written by Thamires Luppi (a.k.a. Polonium Poisoning ) ESTIMATED READING TIME — 5 MINUTES Tina was a good baby. Ever since she was born, other mothers watched us with envious
Aug 15

"Mr. Ghost" Written by HeadOfSpectre ESTIMATED READING TIME — 7 MINUTES In the spring of 1953, when I was nine years old I saw my brother die. I’ll remember that day for the rest of my life. The me
Aug 15

"Let Me Go" Written by Stephanie Scissom ESTIMATED READING TIME — 22 MINUTES “I can’t sleep,” she whispered as she crawled into bed and spooned against my back. “Jesus, you’re cold,” I murmured. Sh
Aug 15

"My Middle School Had Its Own Variation of Bloody Mary, But She Was Real" Written by N.B. Smith ESTIMATED READING TIME — 10 MINUTES Everyone knows the story of Bloody Mary and everyone knows how to
Sep 13

"The Promise" Written by Stephanie Scissom The anniversary of Layne’s death wasn’t for another three days, but when “Cochise” came on the radio as I approached that curve, I took it as a sign. Layne
Sep 4

"An Amateur" Written by Lucretia Vastea When it comes to my car, I have one rule and one rule only: no hitchhikers. My car is everybody’s car. Really. If the good Samaritan had a car, I’d be in the
Aug 28

Encounters with The Rake (A Collection of Short Stories) by Rob Bray This book is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents are either the product of the author
Aug 16

"A Shattered Life" Written by Matt Dymerski ESTIMATED READING TIME — 14 MINUTES I don’t know when you’re going to read this, but I can tell you when it started: I was out for a walk alone in the wo
Aug 15

"My Wife Is Eating Me Alive" Written by A.E. Madden ESTIMATED READING TIME — 3 MINUTES It used to be harmless. It really was. When Karen and I first started dating, she would bite my lip, or nibble
Aug 15

"Red Room" Written by D. Compton Ambrose ESTIMATED READING TIME — 3 MINUTES Henry had gone missing in Mexico weeks ago, and Lois kept getting these bizarre letters in the mail. She had assumed the
Aug 15

"She's Waiting in the Reflection" Written by Micah Edwards ESTIMATED READING TIME — 10 MINUTES I wasn’t always alone. I used to have friends. Four or five, at least. Good friends, I mean, actual fr